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Chair's Welcome,


The Gunnersbury PTA is the community for all families and friends of the Gunnersbury Catholic School.  We bring staff, parents and friends together to support our children's education and have a little bit of fun.


We had a great 2018. We reactivated the PTA in January, organised two successful events, helped with Christmas cards and contributed £15,000 towards the refurbishment of the library.  The kids loved their 'new' library. Take a look at the before and after library photos.  Thank you to all the parents and staff that helped make 2018 great.  We could not do it without you!

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You can also volunteer. If you have a couple of hours to spare, give us a hand. At the moment we have more projects and ideas than hands to do them. You decide how little or how much you help. We divide the work among many parents to help keep the workload light for those that help.



Feel free to reach out with your ideas and feedback. We want to hear what you have to say. Email us at 

Looking forward to meeting you at our next activity! 





We focus our efforts in three areas

areas of focus.png

We organise social events, like Quiz Nights and Summer BBQs, to enjoy ourselves while we raise much-needed funds. We are now preparing the Spring Event, a night at the races. Come along for a fun night out!


We have talks to share with our students our own career experiences to support them in their decisions on subjects and career path.


We find sponsorships, donations and other fundraising projects like The Giving Machine and employee matching schemes.  


And we are starting to 'nights out' to meet other parents in a relaxed environment in Central London, as some of us are not close to the school. Help us set-up a local parent group near you!



Our Board

Chair:  Mariana

Vice Chair: Loranne

Treasurer: Alison

Secretary: Saideh

Our Board

Chair:  Mariana

Vice Chair: Loranne

Treasurer: Alison

Secretary: Saideh

Our Workstream Leads

Marketing:  Maria 


Event Logistics: Bea


Sponsorship: Martina


Membership: Teresa

Entertainment: Clara


Bar: Elaine


Food: Roger


and we have areas where we need someone to help us organise the work and helpers, like website updates, newsletters write-ups, social network communications, alumni outreach, manage inbound emails, promote the giving machine, organise class reps, find and apply for grants, etc.



Parents that have committed to help specific workstreams



We have many who can help here and there, or on-the-day but cannot commit to an area


Parents that help us secure sponsorships or get donations that contribute to the school

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If you can help, we will contact you to find an area and a team that works​

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