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We are a registered charity, which means you can help with may ways:

- Give as you shop at no cost to you (The Giving Machine),

- Give with your employers' support with payroll giving, employer matching schemes and corporate volunteering,

- Donate cash (online in, bank transfer, cheque and in person),

- Do a challenge to support our cause (with to promote it)

- Sign-up for gift aid if you are a taxpayer,

- Help find sponsorships and grants

Help us secure corporate sponsorships for our cause 

We look for sponsors for events and other projects that support the school, like Christmas cards printing. Email us at


The Giving Machine

Give as you shop... 
at no extra cost to you! 

The Giving Machine generates income for the school by converting online purchase commissions into donations at no extra cost to you.

a. Go to:

b. Search our cause: 
    Gunnersbury Catholic School

c. Click to join and support our case: Give your details, and gift aid if you can

d. Shop in your favourite online places via The Giving Machine to get a donation to the school of up to 4.5%, depending on the shop.​

Calculate Savings

Payroll Giving

Easy and tax efficient giving directly with your employeer


Your donations are taken from your salary before tax, making your gift go further.


It can be started, stopped and changed at any time.


If your employer is enrolled in a Payroll Giving Scheme (or Give As You Earn), ask your Payroll office for the relevant form. 


If your employer is not registered in the scheme, let us know to help you get them enrolled. It’s easy!

Together at the Top

Matching Scheme

Your employer matches your donation to our charity

Some employers will have a matching scheme to give your donation a hand so it can go further.


Generally, it involves you sending us a cheque and the matching scheme form. We complete it and send it to your payroll team, who process the payment.  Easy!


Our treasurer Alison is happy to help you with this. Just send her an email.


wonderful org.jpg

Online Donations

Give online or sign-up to a challenge to raise for our charity.  Share our cause with your friends!

Tell people about our cause or sign-up to a challenge and select us as your cause. Wonderful.Org has no fees, and does the gift aid for us!


You can share in your social networks, to get more support from a broader group. 

Blurred Busines People

Corporate Volunteering Days

Some companies allow volunteer for a charity, often offering a cash donation.


Some companies like GSK, Sky and others have programmes where employees alone or in teams can volunteer for a cause.  Not only a helping hand, but the company will give the charity some cash. 


We have parents who have arranged this for us, and it worked very well. Email us to find projects where your team or company can help 



Monthly Installments Beyond the School Fund

Give a little a month with a direct debit. You keep control.

If you can, donate to the school above and beyond the school fund. Give as much or as little as you want. This can be stopped, increased or decreased anytime. Email our treasurer for the bank account details and the UK Gift Aid form.


Email us to ask for the account details for you to set-up the standing order.


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