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Come and join our team of volunteers! We are working together to make a difference for our children

We need helping hands. We currently have more ideas and projects than hands to do them!  It would be wonderful if you could join our group of helpers. You decide how little or how much you help.  We are trying to divide the workload among many parents so that those that help have a manageable load.   


Meet other volunteers that live close to you or help remotely. We are also trying to match parents in areas that are close to home, like a group in Central London, one local-ish to the school, some help on the west side of the school, others south, others prefer remotely.  If you give us your postcode, and we will do our best to match you to closeby volunteers. 

If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to meet people in your area, let us know and we will try to match you with parents local to you. 



Workstream Coordinator

Events Coordinators
(Golf Open, Summer BBQ)


Inbound Emails


Member Database

Marketing Content

New Parent Pack

Website Updates

Social Media

Alumni Engagement 

Inbound Emails

Cocktail Bar

Class Rep for Your Year

Volunteer Coordinator


Second-Hand Sales



Parents that are part of a team on a specific workstreams


Workstreams (Lead):

 Race Night Event (Mariana)

Email Marketing (Maria)

Sponsorship (Martina)

Event Hall/Decor/Logistics(Bea)

Entertainment (Clara)

Bar (Elaine)

Food (Roger)

Website (Mariana)

Social Media (Mariana)

Parent Giving (Loranne)

New Parent Welcome (Mariana)

Uniform Sales (Loranne)

Second-Hand Sales 

Sports Activities

BBQ Fete Games 



Those that can help on-the-day for an event


can help with
a specific task

(ie., paint event decoration for the hall or write one blog/article  about one event)


Parents that help us secure sponsorships or get donations that contribute to the school


Get your company to sponsor an event, a stall or part of it

Help us with contacts in companies to get donations in-kind and in cash

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Would you like to volunteer?

If you can help, we will contact you to find an area and a team that works​

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